20150630_145132“Until the day the sidewalk jumped up and hit me in the face!”

I was struck with a mysterious ailment in my 20’s. I suffered severe nerve damage without warning.

At that time there were only two MRI machines in the entire country. Doctors didn’t know what was happening to me and they didn’t know how to treat it.

Gradually, day-by-day, I lost the ability to walk and to talk without slurring my words.

I was told by a neurologist that I would never speak clearly or walk again. I believed the “experts” and suffered hopeless and in pain; wheelchair-bound for 35 years. Several months ago I discovered something.



John Waller

The numbers on that pad are the total number of steps I had taken in six days!

My best record is 145 unassisted steps at one time. 

I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER: One Sunday I was praying in church. Silently.

I believe it was a miracle that allowed a church member  to “hear” my prayers.  He sent me the inspiring video below about Arthur and the healing power of YOGA.

He found a Yoga master in Las Vegas that believed he could help me. The teacher, and his girlfriend, took me into their home and I lived with them for six months.

They changed my diet, they fed me smoothies with Moringa leaves (Scroll down for info on Moringa!) and I trained for hours almost every day. 

The Young Turksread about us and were astounded by the response I received from the congregation the first time that I WALKED into church. They had a lot of fun with my story. You can see their report in the video below. 


That wasn’t the end of it. I’m grateful to the true friends who donated to my crowdfunding page while it was up. But before many people found out about it the guy who built it took it down and deleted all the videos about my first steps.

I’ve been warned not to sit by certain people in church or approach them as friends. I had to move out of the Yoga Master’s house and stop training with him. I haven’t had access to the Moringa leaves since then.


I forgive everyone and accept them as they are. I appreciate the help they gave me before their fear, or peer pressure or whatever, took over. I am grateful. I just had to build on my progress with a new perspective.  I had to sit down and ask myself…


I believe he would share the miracles…
So that is what I am doing.

In the weeks that I have been without the Moringa leaves I haven’t had enough energy to train the way that I had been.

It’s been a real struggle to keep making progress. Changing my diet had the biggest effect on me physically. I know that Moringa can help anyone.

Now I am asking for support to bring the benefits of Moringa to as many people as possible. I seeking help to make the blessing bigger.

Moringa is known as a “Miracle Tree” in Africa, Asia, and South America because it is a superfood that is easy to grow and has healing powers that are hard to believe.  I am living proof!

We are seeking donations to grow our own brand of Moringa in North America.  With your help we can start by building 40 greenhouses on 5 acres of land.  8 greenhouses on each acre will enable us to make Moringa available for as little cost as possible. We can produce powder, oil, seeds and plants for sale.


We can create jobs, help the elderly, the disabled, and our loved ones!  This is a cash crop that benefits any community where it is grown because every part of the plant is useful. Donors to our greenhouse project will be able to buy fresh Moringa products at the lowest possible cost. Check out this DISCOVERY CHANNEL video on Moringa.


A MAJOR BENEFIT OF MORINGA is that the oil is of the highest quality and has more benefits and uses than olive oil.

The cosmetics industry is a growing market for Moringa oil worldwide.

After the seeds are pressed for their oil, the “cake” that is left over can be used to purify very turbid water to become drinkable and safe. 

Ounce for Ounce as a SuperFood…

  • Moringa has the calcium of four glasses of milk,
  • the vitamin C of seven oranges,
  • four times the Vitamin A of carrots,
  • two times the protein of yogurt,
  • and three times the potassium of bananas. 
  • It has triple the iron of spinach
  • and the best attributes of the highest quality oil.  



The boost in energy from the Moringa tree gave me the stamina I needed for the strengthening techniques of Yoga.

Click here for info on the world Moringa market for organic farmers.

Moringa Oil

CLICK ANY IMAGE to buy Moringa and test the effects yourself. Help us get started and build the market for our own brand in the future.

Moringa seed
Moringa Powder
Moringa Tea
Dahn Yoga Essentials DVD: Featuring Brain Wave Vibration
Click HERE to buy the DVD

Dahn Yoga is the name of the holistic health program that helped me to my feet. It integrates deep stretching exercises and meditative breathing techniques with energy awareness practice.

Dahn means primal life energy in Korean, and development of the individual s energy system is a major goal of the practice.

This dynamic system combines the 5000-year-old Korean wisdom with modern scientific understanding of the brain. This is a very specific style of yoga.

With a Dahn Yoga practice you can:

  • develop a strong and flexible body
  • boost your energy and vitality
  • bring balance back into your life

BONUS: special 15-minute Brain Wave Vibration training and a 10-minute segment of Dahn Yoga Energy Breathing.

1,000 Dahn yoga studios and 200,000 practitioners worldwide are part of the Brain Education System Training (BEST) method that retrained my muscles and nervous system.


“Miracle Mike” photos courtesy of Adam Frazier/Photographer 702.379.3435

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